Соработката помеѓу CINEDAYS и PMG продолжува.
Оваа година како плод на оваа соработка имаме чест да ви го претставуваме култното англиско електронско дуо – Evil Nine.
Вечерта ќе ја отвори Мирко Попов.

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11. 11. 2017 (сабота)
МКЦ Скопје
Почеток 23:00
Влезници по цена од 200 денари преку МК Тикетс, Купи Карти За Сѐ и на Билетарница МКЦ.
На врата, билет ќе чини 300 денари.

Evil Nine во живо.


After 14 years touring the globe, two albums, countless remixes, features in Hollywood movies and a Fabric Live compilation and residency; Pat Pardy and Tom Beaufoy must qualify as veterans? However, that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped doing what they do best… creating genre defining music with a soulful rough edge that makes you dance all night.
From their early Marine Parade days until the present, they’ve included: post punk, italo-disco, hip hop, old-school electro, jungle, vintage electronica, early house, shoegaze, drum & bass, techno, krautrock, R&B and 80′s electronic horror movie soundtrack influences in their music to create their own unique sound that’s seen them continually stand out from the crowd. Recently they collaborated with American rapper Danny Brown on the hip hop track The Black Brad Pitt released on Brodinski’s Bromance label to a massive response. 2013 saw the release of their own club remix of The Black Brad Pitt as well as an outstanding video for the original version. The remix featured on their recent Boiler Room mix…
Pat & Tom are currently writing their third album which is in some way a return to their early sound, but as always they’re keen not to repeat themselves and keep things fresh. Late 2013 will see the release of their new EP, a progression from their last EP ‘Haxxan / Diamonds’ which infuses their classic breakbeat & hip hop sound with the more up to date influences that currently inspire them.