1st february 2020 / 7PM – 5AM

The 8th edition of the “Zemjotres” festival is just around the corner. It strikes at precisely the moment when people develop a sense of community. The festival is a ritual for strengthening the unity of the quality Macedonian music scene, with the desire to present relevant content in times of instant consumption and values out of continuity. Generations, music styles and even ideals are changing, but alternative cultural offerings are essential to foster the spirit of the new, more numerous citizens with more sophisticated aesthetic needs.


BarumBarum, Blackstate, Conspiracy, Culture Development, Daktili, Dragi Ivanov, DS Collective, Filch, Fluks, Galatheia, Last Expedition, Mirko Popov, MvrSvr Production, PMG Kolektiv, Robotek, Sashko Kostov, Sethstat, Shock Troopers, Svetlost, Vidinovski, Voltaire Mani Al Hakim, Zulu 3.4

*Tickets available at the YCC ticket office and online via bileti.mkc.mk