We are scheduled to meet on August 27th at the park of your favorite Youth Cultural Center.
We spent 9 summers listening to the most up-to-date names on the progressive music scene, and today we are announcing the first band for #ZM10: Danish indie rock legends – Efterklang!

Efterklang is a Danish indie rock band from Copenhagen, formed in December 2000.
The band consists of the 3 childhood friends Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg.
Efterklang released their 5th album – ‘Altid Sammen‘ via British label 4AD on September 20th 2019.
Check out the album track “Vi er uendelig,” which arrives with a new video directed by Andreas

Marking the group’s return seven years after their last studio release – a period of transition, of high adventures and creative questing – Efterklang’s fifth album Altid Sammen is their finest yet. Bold and ambitious, yet engaging on a primal and emotional level, the album is steeped in the experimentation that has been their trademark since their debut album.
The end result of all these journeys, all these experiments, is the best music of Efterklang’s career. It’s not a “reunion” album, because the members’ union was never sundered, no matter what The Last
Concert might have suggested. But Altid Sammen is the work of a different band and of different men.
Aleksandar Sazdovski about the Efterklang concert in YCC back in 2013: http://kulpop.mk/2013/11/efterklang-vo-mkc-priroden-spoj-na-prostor-i-vreme/

Early bird tickets available at the YCC ticket office and online via bileti.mkc.mk