Terry Riley is an American composer and performer born in 1935 in California. Riley’s music goes through many evolutionary stages, but his work in the 1960s and his status as a pioneer of minimalist (repetitive) music is what he has followed throughout his career. This period is marked by the compositions “A Rainbow in Curved Air” and especially “In C” – an eclectic experience with numerous performances by diverse artists and groups such as Bang on a Can, Adrian Utley (Portishead), Orkest de Volharding, Shanghai Film Orchestra , Africa Express and others.

In the period since the 1960s, Riley’s music has evolved to the point where the (partially formal) processes develop into an open platform that combines classical music, Indian music, free jazz and electronic music. The interest in Indian music is particularly significant and it brings new rhythmic and modal solutions, which along with the repetitive element that marks his early work is what distinguishes Terry Riley’s style.

Terry Riley’s concert performances are a unique experience. The colorfulness of the musical expression, as well as the unconventional approach to the performance are characteristic of his performance whether it is a large format event or a chamber concert as we will have the opportunity to see in Skopje.

The Guardian:
“For Riley, his instrumental virtuosity and composer innovation is a gateway to the exploration of global music consciousness.”


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