Our favorite publishing houses at our favorite place: Upper Foyer in YCC.
Templum, Goten, Begemot, Blesok, Bunker, Chudna Shuma, ILI-ILI, Artkonekt

We are looking forward to books, promotions, talks, hangouts and more good books in this intimate and mysterious warm corner.
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December 23 (Monday)
- Exhibition of Budimka Popovska and promotion of her three books

December 24 (Tuesday)
- Promotion of the collection of short stories “Mute films” by Dimitar Dimoski
Promoter: Nenad Joldeski (ILI-ILI)

December 25 (Wednesday)
- Promotion of books for children: “Blue Rabbit”, “Miraculous appliances” (Templum) and comic book “Zenobia”

- Promotion of the book “12 Macedonian Photographers” (Templum)

December 26 (Thursday)
- Promotion of the comic book “Macedonia” (Templum)

December 27 (Friday)
- Assigning the award The New! 2019 (Templum)

- Promotion of Ales Mustar’s poem “Middle Years”
Translated by: Lidija Dimkovska
Promoter: Aleksandra Jurukovska (ILI-ILI)

- Promotion of Alek Popov (Begem)

December 28 (Saturday)
- Promotion of the book “The Ten Best Stories in the World”