Dangerous monster? Forbidden fruit? Favorite pastime? Irreplaceable power source? That gives us sense of immortality and makes everyday survival meaningful?

Pleasure is a matrix for all types of lifelong transactions: more popular than football, substitute for all types of drugs, a cure for many types of illnesses – all over the world. There is no cheaper fun or more desirable ecstasy – either alone or in company.

Often, it is the basis of relationships filled with romance, gratitude and love. And yet, what did we give it in return? For the most part, at least so far, fear, reprimand, abhorrence, condemnation… and silence.

That’s why pleasure is what we will talk about at our SexEd 2.0 – publicly and loudly!

Why is pleasure so important to us humans? Because we were made that way.
Why is it so important to us that you come at SexEd 2.0? Because we can’t break the taboos alone!

SexEd is open to everyone! We will talk in Macedonian and English but will provide only sign language translation.

The whole SexEd experience is for free! Registration is a must and open until all seats are reserved: http://bit.ly/2EnT7DJ

See you at Kino Frosina!