Listening promotion of “Architect of Reality”

With great honor and pleasure we announce the first debut album by Stefan Petanovski as a solo artist called “Architect of Reality”.
It’s an instrumental, “guitar” album, which can be best rated as a progressive rock metal.
The album will be released on February 27, and a few days later, on March 5, in the YCC, a promotion will be held.
At the promotion, the album will be sold at a promotional price of 200 den (price valid only on the day of the promotion), and at a regular price it will be 300 den.
At the very promotion, the album “Architect of Reality” will be heard in full and will be presented with a videotape for the song “Remember”, which is part of the album itself.
It will be a great pleasure for us to come to socialize, talk and listen to music together.

▶ March 5 (Tuesday) ▶ YCC Caffe ▶ 20:00 ▶ The entry is free