CREART open call

Exhibition concept:

Living in the environment based on technology we encounter daily problems that the use of the technology provokes. But we also encounter a certain change of our reality. Information about our own selves – what we do for work and play, our needs and worries, even our looks – is fragmented and multiplied, which encourages us to explore the realness of reality. It has become common to work while staring at a computer screen, to entertain ourselves by browsing the Internet, and to kill the time in traffic jams by watching on social media the messages of friends and people we barely know.

The developing technologies encourage professional artists to look for new means of artistic expression, for new combinations, innovative realization of artistic ideas and original revelations of the problems of reality and virtuality of our time.

We invite artists to interpret those changes, applying various means of artistic expression, expressing their attitude to what they perceive as real reality and what, according to them, is an other reality, artificially created by means of technology, with possible contraversial influence on the society.

Important dates:

  • Applications and photographs of works should be sent before 2019.06.15 (see the attached form).
  • Selection of works 2019.06.16 – 2019.06.30
  • Information by e-mail about the results of selection 2019.07.01 – 2019.07.08
  • Exhibition opening 2019.09.11
  • Duration of exhibition: 2019.10.10

Participation in exhibition is open to: contemporary visual artists, profesionally representing the fields of visual and fine arts; there is no age limit. Works of two artists only will be selected for the exhibition, one of them must represent the city of Kaunas.

Exhibition Organiser: Všį Artkomas; http://www.artkomas.lt https://www.facebook.com/artkomas/

Venue of the exhibition: “Ars et mundus” – gallery, which is located in the heart of the old town and is not only a place for exhibiting art works, but also an active spot of Kaunas cultural life. https://www.facebook.com/pg/galerijaarsetmundus

Exhibition curator: artist, art critic Remigijus Venckus, PhD. R. Venckus defended his doctoral dissertation in the humanities in 2014; in 2005 – 2015 he has published 337 critical articles on subjects of art, media culture and creative industries. In 2008 – 2016 R. Venckus acted as art critic for the international visual arts festival „Art In Old Lithuanian Manors“ (Lithuania). Since 2002 he has held 50 solo exhibitions in Lithuania and 4 solo exhibitions abroad.

R. Venckus has been teaching subjects of media technologies and art creation in Lithuanian and foreign universities. He is currently Professor at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Faculty of Fundamental Sciences, Department of Graphic Systems. More information available at www.venckus.eu

Commitments of the Organiser:

    1.  The Organiser will purchase the international flight tickets for the Artist to the exhibition opening.
    2.  The Organiser will cover the costs of local travel of the Artist from/ to Kaunas airport/ bus/ train station (reimburse by provided bus or train tickets, receipts, invoices, etc.).
    3.  The Organiser will provide the Artist with accommodation during the stay.
    4.  The Organiser will provide the Artist with 300 € grant.
    5.  The Organiser will cover the costs of artworks transportation to and from Kaunas.

Application for Exhibition  TECHNO-ILLUSION. Please upload your portfolio with the information requested to the on-line application.

1. Main data: Name, Surname; Date of birth; Address; Represented city and country; Tel. no; E-mail:Website (other internet links or resources, not more than 5). Scanned copy of id card or passport

2. Education. Please indicate the year of graduation, speciality, qualification degree, name of the educational institution, country.

3. Professional activity. Please provide the list of the most important exhibitions of the last 10 years. Please indicate the year, the title of the exhibition, the name of the gallery (museum, etc.), city and country. Please indicate if the exhibition was solo or group.

4. Works for TECHNO-ILLUSION exhibition. Please describe the idea of the works you plan to show at the exhibition (10 – 15 sentences). Please indicate the size, type and technique of the planned works, as well as the necessary technical, software and other equipment for the exposition.

5. Samples of works. Please send pictures of your works together with your application, or send links to your works on the web. There should be no more than 10 samples of works provided.

If you have any question you can contact kaunascreart@gmail.com and/or creart@fmcva.org