LULA PENA voice, guitar

Lula Pena, born and raised in Lisbon, is a cosmopolitan Portuguese: a woman of the wide world. Immersed in her own, singular, relationship with sound, with history, with memory, we can think about Lula not only as one of great craftswomen of fado, but also as someone who lives it. Her first album, “Phados”, released in 1998, won her immediate acclaim. The deep, commanding yet sensitive voice; the natural blend of fado roots with colours of Portuguese folk music, French chanson, Cape Verdean morna, Brazilian bossa nova; the stripped-down delivery of voice and guitar; all heralded the arrival of a major new talent. Her second album “Troubadour”, recorded after a period of twelfe years, is a collection of stories of passion and pain, crossing genres and mirroring her personal journey as existentialist musician and serendipitous poet. At OFFest 2015, Lula Pena will be presenting her new repertoire, that will be recorded on her third album.