Concert promotion of “Krik i prashina” by Sashko Kostov
April 20 (Saturday) | 21:00 | Hall Frosina

The eight songs – “Dust”, “Hey, hey”, “Nothing Strong”, “Living”, “Neon Chaos”, “Here’s Your Dream”, “Breath” and “Last” create and project the image for a universe full of different challenges, emotional and sensual, guided mostly by
the idea of how much music can be the answer to all the questions.
With this album, Sashko Kostov opens a new chapter in his music research. Not only his own instrumental challenge – to pull almost all the instruments on the album, independently, but also with the lyrics, written together with the writer Ana Stojanoska, the album “Krik i prashina” is an original, authentic, emotional – expressive story about a journey through the musical constellations. Slavcho Peev, Antonia Arangelovic played on the whole album, and Mihail Parushev, Bojan Petkov – Shamba, Aneta Kachurkova, Aleksandar Ristovski – Prince, Ognen Anastasovski – Okac, appear as guests for one song.

At the promotion, Kostov will play with a new band consisted of: Sashko Kostov – vocals, guitar, epic and punk, Damian Danev – drums, Mario Simonovski – guitar, Kire Acevski – bass, Simon Oblesevski and Martin Dzhorlev – keyboards.

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Ticket + CD: 500 mkd
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